Friday, September 19, 2014

BIG day..

One week more to go and we will be attending a friend's wedding. Yes, it's her special day considering that for the very first time she will be getting married to the man she have shared her life with for almost a decade now. For me it's a big event knowing that there will be approximately more than 200 guests (some closest friends and family) who were invited. The vin d'honneur will be served after the ceremony and the wedding reception will follow with a live band playing all sorts of music for everyone to enjoy. I can tell that MF music instruments is such a help. You can see MF website for further infos about thier products and all.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

customized jewelry

They say; jewelries are women's best friends and I definitely agree with it! I love jewelry ever since at a young age and until now, nothing has changed. Few of my collections had been bought at The website was reccommended to me by a friend who share the same passion as I am. I like it there; because I can have the items customized according to my desire. Best of all, Joyjewelers are offering free shipping on orders of $99 and up! With this, I can saved $.

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